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A place to
rest and

Recover in a Relaxing Setting

Located on South Florida’s east coast, our facilities provide the perfect place to focus, rebuild and recover. Every facility was designed with our clients' comfort and success in mind, providing unique amenities, privacy and a supportive recovery environment. Just minutes from the ocean, our clients enjoy year-round sunshine and warmth.

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Our Facility



Truth Recovery Center wants you to enjoy your stay with us. We provide a relaxing recovery environment with around-the-clock support in a brand new, fully renovated location. Some of our activities include regular trips to the gym, weekend outings (movies and paintballing), and frequent trips to South Florida's most relaxing beaches.



Our facility will provide you with transportation to get where you need to go, this includes, but is not limited to 12 step meetings, doctors appointments, counseling, and food shopping.



At our clinical location, our clients have access to all our therapies and services. Here, they attend individual and group counseling, as well as yoga therapy, art therapy, nutritional counseling and music therapy. Clients will also undergo extensive life skills training.

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